A vampire from the nation of Sumatra, the nagasjatingaron ("vampire") feeds off the tendi, or soul, of its human victims. Victims of this sort of vampiric attack must consult and hire a specific type of vampire-fighting witch doctor known as a BATAKS. Using a magical rub made of GARLIC and various other herbs, the salve will both repel the vampire and restore the damaged soul of the victim.
Source: Carle, Cultures and Societies, 257; Crawley, Idea of the Soul, 111­12; Rae, Breath Becomes the Wind, 56

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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  • Bataks — (Bah TUCKS) Variations: Battas On the island nation of Sumatra there is a type of witch doctor known as a bataks who specializes in fighting the type of vampire called a NAGASJATINGARON that drains the soul from its human victims. The bataks… …   Encyclopedia of vampire mythology

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